Design Sprint - Validate your idea. Fast.

What is a Design Sprint?

It is a 5 day intense process that isolates the most urgent challenge a company is facing and solves it through a tested prototype, drastically reducing risk and expenses.

So, a Design Sprint...

○  When you don’t know the real problem
○  When you need validation from experts
○  When you don’t have time for a prototype
○  When you don’t have qualified personnel
○  When you don’t know how to launch
What after?
○  You have a developed solution to you issue
○  You have a prototype tested by real users
○  You are closer to investors
○  You have a clear vision for your product
○  Clear insights on where to go next

The process

Day 1

Defining the central challenge

From all of the issues that will end up on paper, we will define what is the main challenge that we are going to solve in 5 days.

Day 2

Producing a mass of solutions

After we have the main challenge, every member suggests a potential 4-step solution.

Day 3


The whole team votes for the best solution and defines the prototype with storyboard creation.

Day 4

Building the prototype

On the fourth day we are not creating a “wireframe” or a “paper prototype”, but a prototype that looks and feels like a real product.

Day 5

Testing the prototype

The last day the prototype is going to be tested on real potential users. The interviews are guided by the facilitator as a third company member, so the testers can be honest with their experience.

Why use Sprints?

Reduce uncertainty.

Following battle-tested frameworks, Sprints do without the endless debate cycle and compresses months of time into just a few days.

Save time and cost.

Validate assumptions and ideas with both your team and customers without the expense and time of building and launching.

Take bigger risks.

Sprints enable teams to test out big ideas that help the business make giant leaps toward innovation.

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