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Networker exists to build the next generation of world-changing companies, bringing together exceptional founders, big ideas, and investment capital.
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We build & fund your product in 3 easy steps

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Our process


Idea Screening

How we’re doing:

  • Business Concept Evaluation

  • Ideal Buyer Persona Profiling



How we’re doing:

  • Fast prototyping and testing

  • Feasibility study

  • Pitch Deck or/and FITR project app


Product Development

How we’re doing:

  • Developing and Building UX/UI of an MVP

  • Launching and testing MVP

  • Gathering real data

  • Confronting market with the hypothesis

Why Networker

Pioneers in implementing Google  methodologies in our country.

building the next generation companies.

innovation team to build The next leading creations.

Our commitment to your success


In Investments

With our combined knowledge and expertiese we were able to get clients investments of over 230.000 euros.


Developed Business Ideas

From a simple idea to a fully functioning Business Strategy ready to take on the new market possibilities.



Over 10 individuals ready to take your big idea to a new level and help you with funding and execution.


Success of FITR Projects

High rate of successfully accepted projects prepared by us for the "Fund for Innovation and Technology Development "


Expert Team Members

Experienced team to help companies change and deliver more value to customers fast.

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Networker Case Study - "SmileHood"

From a childhood business dream to a high fidelity prototype in 5 days.

Motivated with his idea, the founder contacted an investor who liked the idea but was clear about one thing: “I would only believe this business is a good business if you validate it.

It was a clear sign, he needed to act quickly. The Design Sprint methodology enabled fast validation of the business without the expense of building and launching. In the 4th day of the Sprint the founder's idea was put on paper i.e the first version of prototype was built.

Smilehood Casetstudy

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Only 1% of people make the first step in implementing their idea.