Idea Screening

Approximate time: 2 - 8h
We profile your IBP (Ideal Buyer Persona) and decide what's the best business model worth pursuing forward.

This is the stage where creativity is born. Visual, concrete even abstract ideas are on the table, being for the first time validated from our multidisciplinary team.

Business Concept Evaluation

Our job is to listen what you wish and imagine.
We love to hear new ideas and then make them suitable for the “worlds’ needs”. 

Our multidisciplinary team of experts will face you with your greatest challenges and risks. It may be devastating for you at the beginning, but it is for the best. We are here to overcome every obstacle, to came up with out-of-the-box solutions and pick the best one for your idea.

Ideal Buyer Persona Profiling

We have extraordinary techniques for Ideal Buyer Persona Profiling. Our aim is to find the best version of the idea that will target grater market. Your potential share of the targeted market is the starting point for the financial projections. 

We strive to design the idea as better as we can, with unique features that hunt fine number of potential clients with fruitfull Return of Investment.

Financial Report

The purpose of the Report is to sum up everything we have done and help you decide. We offer full financial and business development team to explore the ideas’ potential. After market performance research we deliver your Go/No Go Report.

The Report highlights the problems and solutions on the market, competitors analysis with your advantages and strengths infront of your IBP, established feasible pricing and projected income and expenses.

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